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These donor ranks are a one-time purchase and give you the perks indefinitely. If you're more interested in less costly but month-to-month donor ranks, please check out the "Monthly Subscriptions" category.

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(All purchases made on this store count towards goal)

We have the donation option so you can donate literally whatever you want whenever you want if you care enough to keep the server running. You can play, as many have, on this server for months without donating a penny and have the same experience you would if you donated - thanks to our Bliss Mode stretch goal - every donation counts towards ALL players on the server receiving these amazing benefits.

*Due to the nature of the packages offered being somewhat consumable - no refunds will be offered for any packages. Should a chargeback occur your character may be banned and asked to appeal with your reasoning.

*IF A SERVER MAP RESETSĀ you are eligible to receive any items you donated for on the new map.